Saturday, November 26, 2005

Current events in the land of Keith

Hey guys! (waves enthusiastically)(well not really but the feeling is there) Keith here to say hi and be like WATCH OUR SHOW!!! Yes, please watch our show, it would be most appreciated. Anyway onto more awesome things (or not depending on your point of view). I have recently decided that Pantera Bread is not the only awesome place to work, I have discovered RETAIL!!! While most of the world considers retail to be a four letter word (which i don't get cause it really six letters) I have found my experience to be exceedingly fun and rewarding. It does however create some major problems, first and foremost being that I cannot have weekends off to do the podcast because I must work (which means I will be corresponding via el telephono quite a bit more often). I know that a lot of you are crying now, it's okay let it out. However this does also mean that I will be getting just a little bit more $$$ to put back into the show so that we can continue to expand and make it that much more excellent. Anyway onto the second thing (looks at notes) okay there wasn't a second thing but thats all right cause this means that I'm gonna go and work on the show right now. Peace Out everyone!!!

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P.P.S. I also know that I have very original e-mails (that was sarcasm there for those who didn't catch it)

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