Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fantasy Quidditch Official Point Listing!!

Here it is folks, the official point listing for Fantasy Quidditch!

Points will be rewarded in five different categories:

-Goals Scored by selected Chaser: 10 pts.

-Bludger hits by selected Beater: 15 pts.

-Saves by selected Keeper: 10 pts.

-Snitch caught by selected Seeker: 25 pts.

-Overall team selected wins: 20 pts.

So there you have it folks! Just as an example, let me show you guys how this works...

Let's just say you have this team:

Fantasy Team Name: "HodgePodge United"

George Weasley-Gryffindor
Anthony Ricket-Hufflepuff

Roger Davies-Ravenclaw
Katie Bell-Gryffindor
Marcus Flint-Slytherin

Grant Page-Ravenclaw

Cedric Diggory-Hufflepuff

And your weekly Pick to win Game A is...


So, that's your team....

and Week 0's Schedule is like this:

Game A: Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw
Game B: Slytherin vs Gryffindor

Then we play a week of games that go like this:

Week 0

Game A: Hufflepuff - 70
Ravenclaw - 160

the breakdown for Game A is...

7 goals made for Hufflepuff

(2 goals made by Heidi Macavoy)

(1 goal made by Malcom Prise)

(4 goals made by Tamsen Appleby)

= 0 pts. for Team "HodgePodge" ... tsk tsk, no Hufflepuff Chasers.

1 goal made for Ravenclaw

(1 goal made by Roger Davies)

= 10 pts. for Team "HodgePodge" ... yea! you played Roger...good times!

2 Saves for Hufflepuff made by Herbert Fleet

= 0 pts. for Team "HodgePodge" ... Didn't play Herbert, oh wells!

5 Saves for Ravenclaw made by Grant Page

= 50 pts. for Team "HodgePodge" ... Yea!! Go Grant!!

2 Bludger hits for Hufflepuff

(1 hit by Maxine O’Fladdin)
(1 hit by Anthony Ricket)

= 15 pts. for Team "HodgePodge" ... good times for playing Anthony

0 Bludger hits for Ravenclaw

= 0 pts. for Team "HodgePodge" ... so no points there.

The Snitch was caught by Cho Chang for Ravenclaw

= 0 pts. for Team "HodgePodge" ... sorry Cedric picking people!

Ravenclaw wins!

= 20 pts. for Team "HodgePodge" ... Yea! You won the bonus points for picking the winner!!

Final Week 0 Totals:(Game A)

Team "HodgePodge" = 95pts.


So there you have it, based on the picks for Team "HodgePodge", they won 95pts. in Game A

In Game B, Team "HodgePodge" might get some more points. We'll have to wait and see...

And after all this, the points get tallied, the posts get made, and a points leader will emerge! But fear not, if you're falling behind in week 0, you can maybe make it up during the following weeks!

I hope you guys can get the idea on how this works, any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at:

Good luck, and we'll see ya on the pitch!